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Young Mother with Disabled Child

Ariunsaikhan is happy to be back in Khanbogd, after spending nine years studying and working in Ulaanbaatar. She returned to Ömnögovi after doctors advised her that the superior air quality in the countryside would be better for the health of her young daughter, who was born with a disability. Ariunsaikhan came to the Youth Business Mongolia training hoping to meet other mothers who have disabled children, and form a support group. “It’s difficult because many mothers of disabled children do not come out to events - some even hide their children,” she says. “This makes it difficult for mothers to share our experiences and help each other.” She had attended a business workshop three years previously in Ulaanbaatar, but before the YBM training she did not know where to start. “In the last few days I have had many ideas, and training has showed me a new path,” she says, going on to explain how she hopes to raise awareness about the difficulties faced by disabled people, particularly in the winter, and how she wants to start a business that offers assistance to those who need it. Her first step will be to write a business proposal and to apply to local government for resources. She is certain that her personal experiences have given her a unique perspective and the opportunity to develop a service that is not currently on offer in Khanbogd. “The YBM training has inspired me to raise my voice to help my daughter and other disabled people,” Ariunasaikhan says.