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CLUB MEETING-The 10% Entrepreneur.

Patrick McGinnis: I learned the hard way that having one job wasn't enough. I was working on Wall Street [at AIG], moving up the corporate ladder in a job I liked and that paid me well. Then, in 2008, AIG [received a government bailout], and my group … was put up for sale. When the AIG bonus scandal took place … I realized that my résumé, which I had worked hard to stuff with all the right brands, now had a scarlet AIG at the top. It was an eye-opening experience for me. I decided I needed to be more diversified and do things on the side. I started not just investing but [also] advising, exchanging my time for sweat equity. Then I worked on starting some things and putting together real estate deals. Now, five years later, I have a portfolio of 15 investments that are worth well over 15 times the amount I put into them. And it's been really enjoyable.

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Why should you become a 10% Entrepreneur without quitting your day job?
-This is an additional financial resource;
-An opportunity for developing yourself in diverse industries;
-The smartest way to increase your income; and
-The most amazingly, this will help you to increase your productivity while still engaged with your daily job so that you will become more creative to work with entrepreneurial mindset towards your day job...

Patrick J. McGinnis